Individual Counseling

Anxiety,  Depression, Panic Attacks & Chronic Stress Management; Trauma, Grief & Loss; Transitions throughout the Life Span; Military Trauma & Transitions; Addictions & Eating Disorders; Affair or Divorce Recovery; All Relational Challenges & Issues

Addiction & Recovery:

Alcohol & Drug Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Eating Disorders or Body-image Issues Resolved

Technological, Pornographic or Sexual Addictions Recovery

Anxiety & Depression management:

Chronic Depression Reduction & Management

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Chronic Stress, OCD Reduction & Management


Assessment of Trauma, PTSD

Internal Pain, Suicide Ideation

relationship distress

Break-ups, Separations, Divorce Recovery

Affair Recovery, Rebuilding after Loss

Grief of Significant Person

Adult-child Estrangement Issues