Specialized Services

DOT SAP Evaluations; Pre-bariatric Surgery Assessments; Eating Disorder Assessments; Immigration Mental Health Assessments & Reporting; & Workshops


Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional Evaluations

Pre & Post Evaluations for DOT Employees

Pre-employment Evaluations for DOT Worksites

Pre-bariatric surgery assessment:

Pre-bariatric assessment & reporting for Client prior to surgery

Post-bariatric support/counseling after surgery


Mental Health Evaluations, Diagnostic Interviews & Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessments

Immigration Mental Health Assessment & Reporting

Eating Disorder Assessments to Determine Level of Care

Groups & workshops

Groups & Workshops offered to provide additional support and skill-building. Some of the ongoing Groups offered are:

Women’s In-transition Group

Moving On & Rebuilding After Loss

Step-parenting Strategies